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Brothers, City of Arvada Roll Out Welcome Mat for Homeowners Minimize

Brothers teams with City of Arvada to offer home modifications to accomodate visitability, access for disabled

ARVADA, Colo., Nov. 1, 2016--
The City of Arvada and Brothers Redevelopment are combining forces and resources for a Safe and Accessible Arvada.

Arvada has built up a $500,000 fund from development fees to help homeowners and renters renovate residences in ways that increase “visitablity,” which means easier access for people regardless of age or mobility, whether they are living there or just visiting.

In this first year of the Safe and Accessible Arvada project, launching in November, Brothers Redevelopment Home Maintenance and Repair will have $75,000 to transform homes so everyone can be welcomed.

“A disabled or elderly person should be able to get from the street to a home without trouble. They should be able to navigate the home,” says Yvonne Duvall, Brothers Redevelopment manager of compliance and evaluation. “You should be able go visit your grandchildren, or go stay with your sister.”

Brothers Redevelopment is accepting applications from those who want their homes renovated for greater accessibility. Each home could qualify for $5,000 in improvements, with key features including a zero-step entrance to the main level, wide interior doors, and at least a half bath on the main floor. Improvements also can include hardware, such as grab bars, to increase maneuverability. And work can cover replacing deep bathtubs with walk-in or roll-in showers.

“We hope to work on 15 homes this first year,” says Jason McCullough, director of Brothers Redevelopment Home Maintenance and Repair. “We want to help people live in their homes more safely, comfortably and longer.”

To qualify, a homeowner’s income must be below 80 percent of area median income of $80,100 for a family of four. Renters can apply for the improvements, with landlords’ permission, Duvall says.

“We have an aging population here in Arvada,” says Kevin Nichols, Arvada neighborhood engagement coordinator. “Most of our older residents want to age in place. We want to help them stay in their homes.”

That’s the whole point of the project,” McCullough says. “We want to build up housing stock that can accommodate residents as they or their loved ones age, or if they become disabled.”

McCullough tells potential applicants to imagine the house they live in right now.

“Imagine driving up to the house in your car, but you can’t walk without a wheelchair or walker. How do you get inside?” he asks.  “How do you cook yourself a meal? How do you take a shower?”

This joint Arvada-Brothers Redevelopment project has the answers.

For more information on the program, call 303-685-4225.  Click here to request an application.

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