Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Our Mission

Brothers Redevelopment is a Denver-based nonprofit organization that provides housing and a variety of housing-related services for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.


Our Strategy

To fulfill its important mission, Brothers Redevelopment works to grow sustainable revenue streams, develop advantageous alliances and create a compassionate and sustainable organization.

Our Future

With an extraordinary and lengthy record of helping those in need, Brothers Redevelopment is uniquely equipped to address the region’s current and emerging housing issues.

As the state sees an increase in the number of older adults, Brothers Redevelopment’s capacity to both house and improve the housing conditions of seniors is an asset for area residents. Similarly, our success in demonstrating the value of housing counseling as a tool in helping homeowners acquire and hold onto their homes will be a blessing for communities across Colorado.

All of this activity likely will see local leaders and communities turn to Brothers Redevelopment to address disparities in housing affordability and accessibility—just as they did in 1971.



 Serving Coloradoans since 1971, “Brothers” has become synonymous with the provision of affordable and accessible housing for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents. Since the organization was established to address disparities in housing among the region's low-income residents, the agency worked with countless supporters and tens of thousands of volunteers to serve more than 100,000 clients across Colorado!

40 Years of History

1970's: From a Grassroots Movement to a Nonprofit Agency

The agency's first decade served as a time of grass roots philanthropy, with a handful of dedicated staff and board members reaching out to the community to identify and fulfill basic housing needs for clients.

The roots of the agency's cornerstone Home Maintenence and Repair Program - which leveraged volunteer manpower to repair and referbish homes in low-income communities - can be traced to this early era of service.

So, too, is the agency's ability to recruit, rally and work with groups of volunteers, which over the years has resulted in millions of dollars in cost-savings for deserving clients.


1980's: An Era of Program Development
For Brothers Redevelopment, the 1980's will forever be characterized by the creation of many of the agency's popular programs that remain in place today - from property management to housing counseling.

During the early 1980s, Brothers made the transition from housing refurbishment to housing provision with its purchase and redevelopment of Edgewater Plaza - an 84-unit, federally subsidized senior housing community located in a west Denver suburb.  By the end of the decade, the agency would add another 150 units of affordable housing that would make available to a growing number of seniors residing along the Front Range.

The Annual Paint-A-Thon, the agency’s signature, senior-serving event, also was established early in the decade.  Relying on teams of volunteers to paint the homes of low-income seniors across Colorado, ‘Brothers’ has since used the the Paint-A-Thon to paint the homes of 7,000 senior homeowners statewide.

The “Me Decade” also saw Brothers launching its successful Housing Counseling Division to provide consultation to first-time homebuyers and homeowners facing foreclosure. The decade's end saw the creation of Brothers Redevelopment’s Neighborhood Caretakers Program—an initiative that would, over time, see the agency and its volunteers coordinate wide-scale repairs in more than two dozen metro area neighborhoods.

1990s: Partnerships are Paramount to the Organization’s Success
Entering its third decade with a host of successful housing programs in place, Brothers earned acclaim alongside new affiliations.

The agency became a sought-after partner of local governments working to address critical housing issues, particularly in the area of neighborhood stabilization.  As a result, Brothers saw incredible growth in both the Annual Paint-A-Thon and Neighborhood Caretakers initiatives - major efforts with the potential to broadly and dramatically impact local communities.

'Brothers' also built and maintained relationships with growing numbers of foundations and other philanthropic organizations who saw the organization as a viable and effective engine addressing housing affordability and accessibility.  These strategic partnerships - which still endure, thanks to our focus on accountability - enabled the agency to serve a growing number of low-income clients along the Front Range.

2000: An Era of Sustainability
The organization's most recent history is one of strong financial stewardship and sustainability.  The agency's operation and ownership of 14 housing communities provides an important revenue stream that generally covers administrative overhead.

That means Brothers Redevelopment raises funds solely to cover the costs associated with the implemenation of its key programs - all of which have seen dramatic increases in volume over the past decade.

Stewardship and Leadership

More importantly, 'Brothers' focus on strong fiscal stewardship means that the agency is able to address new housing challenges facing the region.  In 2006, the Colorado Division of Housing selected the agency to manage The Colorado Foreclosure Hotline and its network of some 26 housing counseling agencies across the state - an effort that has brought the organization unprecedented acclaim alongside international, national and local media attention.  In 2014, Brothers created the state's only housing resource of its kind, Colorado Housing Connects (1-844-926-6632), a comprehensive housing helpline and website that helps consumers navigate all of their major housing concerns.

Through this and other key programming, Brothers is recognized among the region's leaders as a resource to address our most critical housing challenges. 

TODAY: Formal Partnerships Established Across Colorado and Wyoming
Today, Brothers has established formal partnerships with several jurisdictions across in two states--serving tens of thousands of clients across the Rocky Mountain region.

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