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Colorado Housing Connects (1-844-926-6632)

Colorado Housing Connects

The One Call for All of Your Housing-Related Questions.

Colorado Housing Connects specializes in helping people navigate non-emergency housing services and resources.  Our FREE, bilingual 'helpline' provides education about general housing topics:

For Renters....

I'm a renter....for now! How can I become a homeowner?
Can you help me understand tenant landlord laws and rights in Colorado?
I'm facing eviciont and could use some advice.
I think my landlord or property manager treated me unfairly and I don't know what to do?
Where do I find affordable rental housing?

For Homeowners....

I'm not a homeowner...yet! Where should I begin?
I'm thinking about refinancing and cold really use some advice.
I've fallen behind on my mortgage payment.  What are my options?
I'm getting older and have some equity in my home. Can you give me some informtaion on reverse mortgages?

For Seniors and persons with disability...

I wold like some informatino abnd advice about senior and or disabled housing in the Denver metro area.  Where do I start?
My home needs repairs. Can you help me?
I'm getting oldre and would like to continue living in my home, but don't know what resources are availabe to me.
How can I tell if I'm being discriminated against due to my age or disability?

For Landlords/Property Owners....

I am interested in renting to someone with a Section 8 voucher. Can you help?
I am interested in making a unit available to a veteran. 

GET ANSWERS TODAY! CALL 1-844-926-6632.

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