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First Time Home Buyer July 2018

Ask the right questions, get the best answers for buying a home

***Brothers Redevelopment’s free First-Time Homebuyers class

**Homebuyer class enrollment is up 400 percent since 2014

*Classes required for many downpayment-assistance programs

Colorado Springs, July 5 — The Front Range housing market is a tough market for first-time homebuyers to crack, but with rent prices often even more prohibitive, would-be homeowners are filling up classes required by lenders and down-payment assistance programs as fast as nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment can schedule them.

Class attendance for May 2018 had increased four-fold over 2014, jumping from 43 attendees to 172 (in the workshop and online). More classes are coming up, and the schedule will be updated on our website,

“These classes are priceless for first-time homebuyers,” says Fairway Independent Mortgage officer and volunteer presenter Kari Abt. “They are a real eye-opener for what to expect and what home ownership really means. It’s the best preparation you’ll get — unbiased answers from experts.”

A variety of down-payment assistance programs are available for first-time homebuyers, and they require these new purchasers to learn about the basics, start to finish, from HUD-certified instructors, such as nonprofit Brothers’ experts. This knowledge gives homebuyers the  best chance to succeed in achieving and sustaining home ownership.

Brothers Redevelopment provides first-time homebuyers with this information through free workshops, one-on-one counseling and, for those who don’t have time to attend class in person, online courses are offered through eHomeAmerica. However, the online courses require a fee of $99 for one person (and additional $49 per person for others in the household). And, check with your lender — some require an in-person class.

These free classes for homebuyers as well as workshops on how to be successful renters are offered in the Denver area and in Colorado Springs area.

The classes hold the answers to your questions and also let you know which questions you should be asking real estate agents, lenders and yourself. From finding a lender to understanding interest rates, from signing a contract to maintaining a home and your investment in it, Brothers’ classes give homebuyers valuable information.

Roxanne Rebolledo and Regan Mungmee said they believed they were well-informed before the class, but they still learned new and helpful information at a recent class.

“It’s raised some new questions for us,” Mungmee said. “The instructor is really good.”

Brothers’ experts are the workshop instructors, along with volunteer mortgage officers who address the lender perspective. First-time homebuyer counseling sessions and workshops are provided in English and, soon, Spanish-language courses will resume.

  • Get connected to a knowledgeable housing counselor (free one-on-one counseling)
  • Obtain an official Certificate of Homebuyer Education to present to your lender
  • Be more informed about the home-buying process and ownership responsibilities

Here’s how to enroll in class:

Prospective homeowners can contact Housing Counseling by calling 303-202-6340, or email us  at In Colorado Springs, you can also email, or call housing counselor Anita Jones, at 719-888-9134.

Learn more at, or REGISTER NOW for an upcoming workshop (at



About Brothers Redevelopment Inc.— Established in 1971, this Denver-based nonprofit provides a range of housing solutions for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.

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