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Date Issued: October 15, 2018Qualifications

Due Date: October 29, 4:00 PM MST

Proposal Due Date: November 28, 12:00 PM MST

General Description of Services

On October 11th the City of Denver’s Office of Economic Development released a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) to identify a qualified development partner(s) to purchase and develop a supportive housing apartment complex in Denver, Colorado at 7900 East Colfax. Brothers Redevelopment, Inc.  (hereafter referred to as “Brothers”) is inviting proposals to provide general architectural and engineering services for the proposed new development. The Property is located within a quarter-mile of a planned Bus Rapid Transit (“BRT”) station at the corner of Uinta Street and East Colfax Avenue. This location offers excellent opportunities for affordable housing in a transit-oriented development area. The Property has a total combined lot size of 30,500 square feet.

Proposals will be evaluated on criteria listed herein, and proposers are encouraged to inform Brothers of the particular benefits of their proposal.   If Brothers is selected as the developer, a contract will be negotiated with the proposer that provides the most qualified services as determined by a proposal review team.

Services to be Provided by Consultant

The intent of the RFP is to have the firms under consideration specifically address the services required and provide a well-considered price proposal for those services. Brothers is looking for a “turnkey” approach, where the architecture firm will provide the following (not listed in order of preference):

• Consult with team for needs assessment, program requirements and design considerations and preferences.

• Work closely with selected staff to review problematic site conditions, and propose solutions to eliminate or reduce vandalism and ongoing maintenance while enhancing aesthetics.

• Attend a minimum of two meetings to review progress of the design phase and accept comments. 

• Recommendations relative to the installation of different building systems.  Develop a standard fit-out package and a budget with pricing for custom add-ons.

• Prepare for and obtain project approvals and permits (including presentations at board/commission/council/advisory meetings) from all required applicable review boards, committees and commissions, after review and approval by staff.

• Compliance with local ordinances, codes and public improvement standards.

• Provide all architectural and engineering consulting services as required to provide a complete, buildable approved set of plans for the project development.

• Conduct detailed on‐site investigations and develop a final project design based upon these investigations.

• Specific conceptual drawings and detailed engineering and construction drawings will serve as the basis for both bidding and construction by a general contractor.

• Submittal review and limited bidding and construction administrative services.   

• Review of the bids received to assess the relative merits of each and assist the owner in awarding the contract.

• Regular site observations of the contractor and subcontractors during the construction phase, and sign off on construction drawings to assure that scheduled payments are made, with appropriate holdbacks, when predetermined work has been completed.

• Preparation of certain marketing materials for a pre-leasing and post-completion leasing effort (e.g., renderings, both interior and exterior).

Components for qualification submissions-Maximum 10 pages

• An overview of the firm’s history, mission, design process and approach to client engagement

• An organizational chart, including resumes of all personnel who will be committed to this project. Provide specific information as to their experience on projects similar to this one. For the project manager and project architects identified as part of the project team, provide the name and phone number of three (3) client references with whom the architect has worked on a similar building project.

• Information on at least three (3) completed representative projects:

• Client and contact information

• Project type

• Total development cost (TDC)

• Percentage of TDC that was design fees and what consultants were included in those fees.

• A description of exceptional features or design concepts

• Metrics related to actual water and energy consumption of these projects during operation (preference will be given to teams who can provide this info on their completed projects)

• A list of professional consultants outside the firm whom you propose would provide services not available within the firm. Provide specific information documenting their work on similar projects.

• Information on accolades or awards

Components for proposal submission-Maximum 20 pages

• A narrative summary of the team’s design approach, not to exceed one page.

• At least two, but no more than three, conceptual studies for site design, building massing/layout and basic interior layout. Teams should include their conceptual approach related to materiality and sustainability. Proposals should not include advanced design solutions although there may be potential podium parking, commercial space on first floor, 2-4 floor residential.

• A conceptual approach to unit design. (studios, 1 and 2 bedrooms)

• Outline of design schedule and deliverables.

• Preliminary fee structure, anticipating reimbursable costs and schedule of hourly rates for additional work, if required.

• Information about current workload and how this project will be integrated into those existing demands.

• Information regarding the circumstance and outcome of any litigation, arbitration, or claims filed against the firm or consultant firms, as well as a description of general and professional liability coverage.

• Narrative responses to the following questions:

• Describe a challenge that occurred on a similar project and how it was resolved. Include information about what was learned and how this issue will be avoided in future projects.

• What is your approach to integrating sustainability into projects with fixed capital budgets?

• How many projects have you achieved a greening certification on? In what rating system and at what levels? Provide a one page representative checklist for a project completed in the past five years.

• Provide specific information related to innovative, low- cost approaches that were incorporated to reduce energy/water consumption in a similar high performance building project you have completed. Preference will be provided to teams who can provide data for the referenced project.  Examples include, but are not limited to, water use in gallons per bedroom per day, or heating (or cooling) energy use in BTU/sqft/heating degree day.

• Describe planned construction methods, including innovative strategies and techniques to deliver developments more quickly.


Phase One – Request For Qualifications

Qualifications should be submitted electronically to: and are due October 29th at 4:00pm (MST). Qualifications should be no longer than ten (10) pages.

Phase Two – Proposal Submission

Proposal should be submitted electronically to: and are due November 28th at 12:00pm (MST). If  portions of the proposal cannot be printed on standard size paper 8.5×11, in addition to the electronic copies please deliver five (5) hardcopies to: 2250 Eaton St, Garden Level B, Edgewater 80214 Attn: Yvonne.   Proposals should be no longer than twenty (20) pages.


Request For Qualifications due

October 29, 2018 4:00 pm

Proposal Submission Due

November 28, 2018 12:00 pm

Interviews-  15 minute presentation, 15 minute Q & A

November 30, 2018 1:00 pm

City of Denver presentation


Notification of Award

TBD-dependent upon award by OED to Brothers


Please email questions to:

Please note that proposals are not shared between competitive teams and rights to the presentations remain with the design teams. However, ideas presented and discussed during the selection process typically do not qualify as intellectual property, and are therefore not typically expressly protected. Ideas shared may be incorporated into the final project, even if the team that proposed them is not selected.

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