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Contracts totaling $5.5 Million, supporting land trusts and long-term affordable home ownership, to be introduced to City Council in the coming weeks for approval

The City and County of Denver announced today a groundbreaking new partnership that will create dozens of new affordable homes for purchase and will keep them affordable for the next century. Denver Economic Development & Opportunity (DEDO) has negotiated pending contracts with three housing partners, which in total will create 79 affordable home ownership units citywide for moderate-income households, and, following months of work alongside the Globeville, Elyria-Swansea (GES) Affordable Housing Collaborative and their partners, will make possible land acquisition for future construction of multifamily affordable housing in the GES neighborhoods. Through a land trust model, the majority of these units will be permanently affordable through a 99-year ground lease.

“Working families make up the backbone of our city and these partnerships will make it possible for people to purchase an affordable home for generations to come,” Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock said. “These agreements are the result of months of work to find the right solution for our neighborhoods to address their housing needs while maintaining the essential fabric of these communities.”

Proposed investments totaling $5.5 million will create long-term affordable homeownership opportunities throughout the city, while placing a targeted focus on the GES neighborhoods. The City worked with the GES Coalition for several months to develop a model that adds multifamily affordable housing and ensures the units are permanently affordable through a 99-year ground lease.

In addition to the GES Affordable Housing Collaborative, proposed contract partners also include Elevation Community Land Trust, and Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. The pending agreements largely call for the acquisition of existing properties, which would then be refurbished prior to sale to households earning up to 80 percent of the area median income (up to $52,000 for a single-person household, or up to $66,850 for a family of three).

Exploring the land trust concept is a key recommendation of the city’s five-year housing plan, Housing an Inclusive Denver. Community land trusts involve a local nonprofit acquiring a parcel of land and pledging to use it for purposes that benefit the neighborhood, including affordable housing. The nonprofit builds a home on the land and sells it to someone in need. The nonprofit retains ownership of the land that the house sits on, leasing it to the homeowner for a designated time period, typically 99 years.

A pending contract with Elevation Community Land Trust provides $3 million to support the development of 60 income-restricted homeownership units citywide, with the exception of the GES neighborhoods. Elevation will acquire properties to be placed into a land trust to ensure permanent affordability for a minimum of 99 years. Properties may include vacant land, existing single-family homes targeted for rehabilitation, and multifamily properties, ranging from two to ten units, to be converted to affordable condominiums.

“In the face of gentrification and increasingly out of reach home prices, the community land trust model is a tool to prevent displacement and provide economic opportunity to hardworking families who want to stay in the neighborhoods they love. Elevation Community Land Trust looks forward to working alongside the City of Denver in ensuring there is a home and an opportunity for everyone,” said Stefka Fanchi, CEO of Elevation Community Land Trust.

A pending $2 million contract with the GES Affordable Housing Collaborative, which consists of Brothers Redevelopment, Inc., the GES Coalition and the Colorado Community Land Trust supports land acquisition of one site within GES, suitable for development of a multitude of multifamily housing units. Additionally, the contract supports production of nine income-restricted homes in the GES neighborhoods, each of which would be placed into the Colorado Community Land Trust for at least 99 years.

“Brothers Redevelopment is honored to work alongside the City of Denver and our partners in the GES Affordable Housing Collaborative, including the Colorado Community Land Trust and the GES Coalition, as we work together to create new affordable housing options for the residents of Globeville, Elyria-Swansea,” said Jeff Martinez, president of Brothers Redevelopment. “Leveraging this historic investment and working together to establish a new community land trust for residents of these proud and historic neighborhoods, we can maintain long-term affordability, prevent displacement of multigenerational families, and promote stability throughout the community.”

A pending $485,000 contract with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver will support the acquisition and refurbishing of 10 homes for future affordable for-sale housing. Long-term affordability will be ensured through a 90-year restricted covenant.

“Habitat for Humanity has been building and preserving affordable homeownership in Denver for 40 years,” shares Heather Lafferty, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. “We know how impactful long-term affordable homeownership can be for families, neighborhoods, and entire communities. With this important funding from the City of Denver, we’re excited to preserve even more affordable housing for hardworking, income-qualified families.”

The partnerships with Elevation Community Land Trust and the GES Affordable Housing Collaborative require approval by Denver City Council prior to implementation. Contracts are anticipated to be presented to City Council in the coming weeks.

“These partnerships go a long way toward preserving affordable home ownership opportunities throughout Denver,” said Britta Fisher, Chief Housing Officer of DEDO. “These proposed investments build upon our existing housing partnerships and will surely serve as a model upon which we can expand future homeownership opportunities.”


Derek Woodbury
O: 720.913.1608
M: 303.895.6845


*CDOT awarded Brothers a $2 million grant to preserve the historic GES neighborhood amid Interstate-70 expansion

**Brothers’ Home Modification and Repair is fixing what’s broken!

***Paint-A-Thon volunteers making a difference here!

DENVER, April 25 — Alongside the disruption of construction and the tangles of traffic with I-70’s overhaul, good things are also happening for residents in Globeville Elyria-Swansea, as nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment Inc. works to preserve and stabilize their neighborhoods.

Beginning in mid-March and building momentum this April, Brothers has begun protecting and prettifying GES homes with its volunteer-powered Paint-A-Thon exterior makeovers and its Home Modification and Repair pros.

This Saturday, April 27, the Peña home at 4975 Steele Street in Denver gets a shiny coat of paint from a Paint-A-Thon volunteer team made up of alumni from the University of Central Florida. Mr. Peña has been a real team player, and we’re grateful to him for helping us get the word out that Brothers is on the ground to help out homeowners in this distinctive historical neighborhood.

Richard and Mary Ellen Pena have lived in their GES neighborhood their whole lives. They love their home, yard, garden and neighbors. Richard worked in the trades his entire life until a serious back injury disabled him. 

Between blizzards in March, Brothers harnessed the power of students on spring break to paint the Montoya home in a GES Paint-A-Thon. We have another GES  project already on the books for May 18 with 25 volunteers leaving the bench and bar for a Saturday Paint-A-Thon. When not sprucing up homes, this volunteer crew, the Rhone Brackett Inn of Court, promotes ethics, skills and professionalism in the legal field.

Brothers invested almost $10,000 to make over a bathroom for Mrs. Medina, a senior resident with a long history in this neighborhood. And, elsewhere in the area, HMR is hard at work improving overall conditions and safety in the basement of another elderly neighbor’s home.

This is just the start for Brothers. We are planning more projects, tapping the $2 million grant that the Colorado Department of Transportation awarded us to help prevent displacement of GES residents.

Brothers is part of the GES Affordable Housing Collaborative, a partnering with community members in the GES Coalition and the Colorado Community Land Trust (CCLT).

  • The generous $2 million CDOT grant awarded Brothers is for mitigation of impacts due to the expansion of Interstate 70 through the neighborhoods. It enables the collaborative to acquire single-family homes for placement in the neighborhood land trust, by which residents may own their dwellings and even resell them, while the land itself remains in trust for the community.
  • The partners will set aside an estimated $300,000 to rehabilitate houses and preserve the hard-earned equity of existing homeowners.
  • Other portions of the grant will be applied toward new construction/redevelopment of parcels/properties that also will provide affordable housing for dozens of families in the neighborhood.


We’re not shutting down just because winter keeps rearing its snowy head.

With spring and weather winter taking turns this March, Paint-A-Thon’s volunteer crews mobilized and were in shirtsleeves on sunny Tuesday doing what we do best — making over a home’s exterior in one day. Before Wednesday’s  blizzard. And we are back to  work again.

Paint-A-Thon, one part of nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment’s Aging in Place Initiative, is working to keep older Coloradans and persons with disabilities in their homes, where they want to be.

Our Paint-A-Thon homeowner on Tuesday, Stella Montoya, has lived in her GES neighborhood for more than 44 years. The former cafeteria manager at Garden Place Academy in Globeville is currently the primary caregiver for her disabled son and her grandson. Widowed four years ago, she is holding the family together in the neighborhood she loves.

Stella is concerned with the magnitude of potential change that commercial development and reconstruction of Interstate 70 will bring about in her neighborhood. But she is a proud resident and has chosen to stay, despite many of her neighbors and family members moving away.

While most Paint-A-Thon volunteers are from the Denver area, they hail from all over. Dordt College volunteer teams are here on spring break from Sioux Center, Iowa, because they know a few days spent with Brothers’ Paint-A-Thon will make great positive changes in Stella’s and others’ lives that will last for many years to come. And they have fun.

And Brothers’ efforts in Globeville Elyria-Swansea don’t end with exterior house painting. Brothers received a $2 million grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation in late 2018 to preserve and protect historic working-class neighborhoods in Globeville Elyria-Swansea. Our Home Modification and Repair program will help with essential repairs as well as safety and access modifications for residents in these neighborhoods.

Brothers also joined in forming the innovative GES Affordable Housing Collaborative with community members in the GES Coalition and the Colorado Community Land Trust. The collaborative will acquire homes for placement in the neighborhood land trust and develop other single- and multifamily housing. This effort will provide attainable homes for dozens of families while maintaining the neighborhood’s character and local control.

A little help in GES — and all over Brothers’ Front Range service area — goes a long way toward keeping people in their homes, maintaining property and property values and boosting the whole community.


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DENVER– The Apartment Association of Metro Denver (AAMD) and housing nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment are bringing together property owners, housing experts and prospective tenants to forge solid new partnerships over the next year.

Thanks to AAMD’s generous grant of $5,000 in early December, and Brothers Redevelopment’s expertise in making homes attainable for Denver Metro residents, the collaboration promises to bring practical solutions to a challenging rental market.

“We’re always looking for ways to build strong relationships within our community,” said Nancy Burke, vice president of government affairs. “Brothers Redevelopment’s growing success with its Landlords Opening Doors (LOD) initiative demonstrates that strategic thinking and great representation can carry residents across new thresholds.”

Through LOD, Brothers Redevelopment works with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance and with the Colorado Division of Housing to recruit landlords and property owners willing to rent their apartments or homes to individuals with housing vouchers.

“Today’s housing market is challenging, but we are working on ways to decrease uncertainty and problems for landlords and property managers,” said Jeff Martinez, president of Brothers Redevelopment. “We are entirely committed to removing barriers to attainable housing for Colorado’s vulnerable population. This partnership is a win for our communities.”

Brothers Redevelopment’s track record in making successful connections between landlords and renter-ready tenants has enabled it to develop an even bigger pipeline for voucher programs dedicated to removing barriers to housing for vulnerable populations.

Through their partnership, the Apartment Association of Metro Denver and Brothers Redevelopment will also help renters understand their rights and responsibilities. AAMD and Brothers Redevelopment’s housing navigators will work together to develop best practices for matching diverse residents with properties and creating successful and stable leasing arrangements. Brothers Redevelopment’s deep experience in consumer and specialized housing education — and experience as an administrator of Denver’s Temporary Rent and Utility Assistance program — will provide insight for landlords into potential tenants as well as resources and expertise. 

Conversely, Brothers Redevelopment’s housing navigators are eager to hear from landlords and property managers about their goals, needs and concerns. The housing navigators are working in conjunction with AAMD educational offerings to assist landlords who may seek additional education or advice on a variety of topics.

This promises to be a valuable and innovative collaboration that could go a long way toward making housing attainable for more Front Range residents as well as prepare apartment-seekers to be better tenants, ultimately creating an underlying foundation of trust and understanding in our community for both renters and landlords.

About the Apartment Association of Metro Denver

The Apartment Association of Metro Denver is among the largest multifamily housing trade associations in the country, representing and supporting over 336,000 apartment homes in Denver.

For more information about AAMD, please visit


Denver, CO – Brothers Redevelopment Inc. announced Dec. 6 that it has received a $75,000 Daniels Fund grant to support its Home Modification and Repair (HMR) Program.

Continued support in 2019 will enable the HMR program to complete an increased number of essential home repairs/modifications for low-income seniors and then follow up with senior services coordination through Brothers’ Aging in Place Initiative.

“The grant will enable our program to continue to provide a well-rounded and complete array of housing solutions for vulnerable older residents in a tough Denver market,” said Brothers president and CEO Jeff Martinez.

This grant will support Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair program achieve three important results with clients:

  1. In-home safety and accessibility modifications and exterior home painting (through its Paint-A-Thon program).
  2. Referrals of homeowners to its Aging in Place program and Senior Services Coordination to ensure housing stability after projects are completed.
  3. In-depth housing counseling sessions with our expertly trained housing navigators to help homeowners achieve their own housing goals.

The Daniels Fund, established by cable television pioneer Bill Daniels, is a private charitable foundation dedicated to making life better for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming through its grants program, scholarship program, and ethics initiative.

Visit to learn more.


Brothers Redevelopment Brings the Paint-A-Thon to Colorado Springs, Courtesy of ANB Bank

***For the first time in decades, the nonprofit will stage the 40-year volunteer house-painting tradition in Colorado Springs
Thanks to new sponsor ANB Bank

COLORADO SPRINGS — Brothers Redevelopment’s Paint-A-Thon program is marking its 40th year brightening the homes and lives of senior homeowners by launching its first painting project in Colorado Springs in 20 years on Sept. 8.

Thanks to financial support and employee volunteers from ANB Bank, a crew will paint the home of an income-qualified senior or disabled homeowner — at no cost to them.

Through Paint-A-Thon, Brothers has painted roughly 7,400 houses using more than 133,000 volunteers — and we’re ready still to take on Front Range houses whose eligible owners need and want an exterior paint job.

The Paint-A-Thon program offers qualified homeowners the chance to devote their resources and fixed incomes to other important costs, such as medication, groceries and bills, without having to forgo maintenance of their most important investment—their home. Painting a home can cost upward of $5,000.

The Paint-A-Thon is yet another way that Brothers is improving the lives of Colorado Springs residents.  In March, the City of Colorado Springs extended and expanded its three-year relationship with Brothers by tapping the nonprofit to relaunch its Residential Rehabilitation Program. It offers grants for income-qualified homeowners to make important and essential repairs that improve at-home mobility and safety.

During that same time span, Brothers has been providing housing counseling and rental navigation to Colorado Springs residents, thanks to support from the Colorado Division of Housing and El Paso County.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to stage our signature event in Colorado Springs,” says Jeff Martinez, president of Brothers Redevelopment.  “Because the Paint-A-Thon relies on donations, we just had to plot a sustainable financial path to offer this great service to seniors outside of the Denver area.  Thanks to ANB Bank, this can now happen.”

Everyone needs a little Paint-A-Thon in their lives:

  • Nominate a family member, friend, neighbor or yourself
  • Must be an income-eligible homeowner of 60+ or disabled
  • Homeowners must stay in the house at least 2 more years
  • Homeowners must be onsite the day of painting
  • The house can’t be taller than one and a half stories
  • The house must need an exterior paint job
  • Volunteers must be able to finish painting in 1 day
  • Volunteers can make minor exterior repairs, clean up yards

For everything you needed to get involved as a homeowner, volunteer or sponsor: Call Brothers Redevelopment, 720.339.5864. Or, email Chad Nibbelink at Visit

About Brothers Redevelopment Inc.— Established in 1971, this Denver-based nonprofit provides a range of housing solutions for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.

About ANB Bank — ANB Bank is a bank with the strength, talent, commitment and security to fulfill our business and personal customers’ financial needs. Whether it’s deposit services, loans or investment management & trust services, ANB customers will experience creative and flexible solutions to satisfy customers’ financial needs across 30 banking centers serving Colorado, Wyoming and the Kansas City metro area.


Colorado Springs provides $500,000 to improve single-family housing stock 

****The City of Colorado Springs is providing $500,000 to rehabilitate single-family housing under a program managed by housing nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment

*** The City is using federal funds and Brothers’ expertise to make essential repairs at homes of low- and moderate-income residents 

**Brothers Redevelopment will vet homeowner applications and use an open bidding process to choose among approved, qualified contractors and service providers to complete 50 to 65 projects

*For Brothers services, please call toll-free at Colorado Housing Connects, 1-844-926-6632, or email

Colorado Springs, June 4 — The City of Colorado Springs is providing $500,000 from its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program in a major effort to improve single-family housing stock for its low- to moderate-income city residents between now and March 2019.

The City of Colorado Springs has selected trusted Front Range housing nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment Inc. to manage 50 to 65 projects at single-family homes. The work includes making essential repairs, correcting substandard or unsafe conditions, removal of any mobility barriers for the disabled and improvement of energy efficiency. Brothers continues to offer emergency water, sewer and heating system repairs through this program.

Under the new grant program, Brothers Redevelopment staff will review completed applications and give priority to households with elderly homeowners or disabled family members. Income-qualified households will be contacted by a housing rehabilitation coordinator to schedule an initial inspection of the home.

Residents who may apply for funds include those homeowners whose incomes are at or below the area median income (AMI), which is $38,850 for a family of four. The home must be the owner’s primary residence, lie within city limits and have a value that does not exceed $251,750, as stated on the El Paso County Assessor Public Record Search.

Brothers Redevelopment is no stranger to Colorado Springs residents. During the past three years, the nonprofit has been working with the city through its community development program to repair and stabilize homes. Last year, more than 50 households in Colorado Springs (and 12 in unincorporated El Paso County) benefitted from the program.

In late 2017, Brothers Redevelopment opened a Colorado Springs office and began providing free housing and rental counseling to residents. This year, the agency plans to offer its popular Paint-A-Thon in the area — a program that recruits teams of volunteers to paint the homes of income-qualified senior and disabled homeowners at no charge.

“Brothers Redevelopment is honored to play a greater role in housing preservation for Colorado Springs residents,: said Brothers Redevelopment President Jeff Martinez. “Through our efforts, we hope to help homeowners stay in their homes longer and more safely, and to stabilize neighborhoods throughout the city.”

Complete information on eligibility and the application process is provided on the Colorado Springs website. ( Residents can download an application at the city site or request one from Brothers Redevelopment, by emailing or by calling Colorado Housing Connects, 1-844-926-6632.

If interested in applying, submit a completed and signed application by mail to Brothers Redevelopment Inc., 2250 Eaton St. Garden Level B, Edgewater, CO 80214; or, send it by fax to 303-274-1314.

Brothers’ Home Modification and Repair Department (HMR) will develop an open and competitive bidding process to create a list of qualified, licensed and insured contractors to carry out projects under the program.

To receive more information about the program, or to learn more about Brothers Redevelopment’s comprehensive housing programs and services, such as its Aging In Place Initiative for seniors, please call Colorado Housing Connects, 1-844-926-6632, or visit

About Brothers Redevelopment Inc.— Established in 1971, this Front Range nonprofit provides a range of housing solutions for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.


Ask the right questions, get the best answers for buying a home

***Brothers Redevelopment’s free First-Time Homebuyers class

**Homebuyer class enrollment is up 400 percent since 2014

*Classes required for many downpayment-assistance programs

Colorado Springs, July 5 — The Front Range housing market is a tough market for first-time homebuyers to crack, but with rent prices often even more prohibitive, would-be homeowners are filling up classes required by lenders and down-payment assistance programs as fast as nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment can schedule them.

Class attendance for May 2018 had increased four-fold over 2014, jumping from 43 attendees to 172 (in the workshop and online). More classes are coming up, and the schedule will be updated on our website,

“These classes are priceless for first-time homebuyers,” says Fairway Independent Mortgage officer and volunteer presenter Kari Abt. “They are a real eye-opener for what to expect and what home ownership really means. It’s the best preparation you’ll get — unbiased answers from experts.”

A variety of down-payment assistance programs are available for first-time homebuyers, and they require these new purchasers to learn about the basics, start to finish, from HUD-certified instructors, such as nonprofit Brothers’ experts. This knowledge gives homebuyers the  best chance to succeed in achieving and sustaining home ownership.

Brothers Redevelopment provides first-time homebuyers with this information through free workshops, one-on-one counseling and, for those who don’t have time to attend class in person, online courses are offered through eHomeAmerica. However, the online courses require a fee of $99 for one person (and additional $49 per person for others in the household). And, check with your lender — some require an in-person class.

These free classes for homebuyers as well as workshops on how to be successful renters are offered in the Denver area and in Colorado Springs area.

The classes hold the answers to your questions and also let you know which questions you should be asking real estate agents, lenders and yourself. From finding a lender to understanding interest rates, from signing a contract to maintaining a home and your investment in it, Brothers’ classes give homebuyers valuable information.

Roxanne Rebolledo and Regan Mungmee said they believed they were well-informed before the class, but they still learned new and helpful information at a recent class.

“It’s raised some new questions for us,” Mungmee said. “The instructor is really good.”

Brothers’ experts are the workshop instructors, along with volunteer mortgage officers who address the lender perspective. First-time homebuyer counseling sessions and workshops are provided in English and, soon, Spanish-language courses will resume.

  • Get connected to a knowledgeable housing counselor (free one-on-one counseling)
  • Obtain an official Certificate of Homebuyer Education to present to your lender
  • Be more informed about the home-buying process and ownership responsibilities

Here’s how to enroll in class:

Prospective homeowners can contact Housing Counseling by calling 303-202-6340, or email us  at In Colorado Springs, you can also email, or call housing counselor Anita Jones, at 719-888-9134.

Learn more at, or REGISTER NOW for an upcoming workshop (at



About Brothers Redevelopment Inc.— Established in 1971, this Denver-based nonprofit provides a range of housing solutions for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.


40th Paint-A-Thon Event Day Aug. 18!

***Epic volunteerism — Brothers marshals ~480 volunteers!

**Paint-A-Thon volunteers to complete 20 home and yard projects!

*Senior neighbors get free exterior house painting and great fun!

* After Painting Party at Blue Moon Brewing Co., 2 p.m. 

Denver Metro Area, Aug. 18 — If our communities ever needed a feel-good, do-good day, this is it!

Paint-A-Thon brings it 8.18.18!

At 40 years old, Brothers Redevelopment’s volunteer juggernaut, Paint-A-Thon, is just as lovable and better than ever at gathering the forces of good to lift up whole neighborhoods and improve the lives of Colorado seniors and persons with disabilities across the metro area.

Each year Paint-A-Thon rejuvenates 100 or more homes. This year we will go well beyond that mark. Over 40 years, more than 133,000 volunteers have painted close to 7,400 homes. On Event Day Aug. 18, 400 volunteers will tackle 20 projects.

Paint jobs like these will save each homeowner upward of $5,000 and benefit them all for years to come by helping them preserve the value of their homes and age in place. These local investments help stabilize whole neighborhoods.

Brothers and its generous sponsors are so proud of the happy tradition that is Paint-A-Thon that we are asking you to join us. Spread the word and joy — to potential clients who could use a hand, to people who love to  serve their communities while having a blast, and to a whole metro area that could use some good news.

Experience why the Denver City Council is proclaiming Aug. 18 Paint-A-Thon Day. Denver Councilman Albus Brooks will be on hand along with a huge working contingent from DEVO (Denver Employee Volunteer Organization). The mayor traditionally stops by.

Come meet our unforgettable homeowners, including:

  • A Regis University retired housekeeper who is a devoted gardener even after five eye surgeries and the loss of most of her vision
  • A retired Denver beautician who hangs on to her home despite gentrification forces and pressure to sell; she uses leftover construction materials she finds discarded to work on her own improvement projects
  • A disabled Thornton tradesman and his faithful Chihuahua, Brutus, who are grieving the loss of his family member and caregiver
  • A retired Littleton bistro server whose severe knee problems have hindered her own longtime efforts to repair and update her home
  • An 87-year-old recent widow who wants to stay in her home of 56 years
  • A 64-year-old Children’s Hospital employee in Aurora recovering from hip replacement surgery
  • An 81-year-old Denver woman who is caring for her husband of 50 years as he battles Alzheimer’s disease; she still works part time at her church
  • A couple looking forward to celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their two Schnauzers; the husband, a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, struggles with chronic illnesses that keep him off ladders
  • A disabled Denver woman who has a simple dream of a red door and shutters on her home
  • And all our other homeowners who are equally interesting and deserving

Brothers has set up a media-help station at one site, the Bowdoin residence at 3758 Milwaukee St. in Denver — though all projects are open to reporters. Call or email us for other project addresses.

Brothers Redevelopment’s own staff will be busy running around Aug. 18, so we kick off this event the day before by painting, with some of our board members, the home of our neighbor — a longtime Denver artist working on a photography project documenting the history of Lakeside Park (near her home).

The first 100 volunteers to arrive at the After Party, set up by DEVO, will get a free beer ticket at Blue Moon, 3750 Chestnut Place in Denver.

And thanks again to the proud, the tired and the paint-splattered who make over a wide swath of the metro area with us each year.

About Brothers Redevelopment Inc.— Established in 1971, this Denver-based nonprofit provides a range of housing solutions for the region’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents.



Under threat of being erased from Denver’s urbanscape, the historic neighborhoods and families of Globeville, Elyria-Swansea (GES) are taking a stand against displacement and housing shortages.

To preserve affordable housing and community identity and values, neighborhood residents have become leaders shaping their own better future through the creation with nonprofit partners of the GES Coalition. Together they have established the GES Community Land Trust and GES Affordable Housing Collaborative to ensure long-term community ownership and oversight of housing.

Summary of Goals:

  • Preventing displacement of residents
  • Preserving affordable housing and neighborhood character
  • Fostering community ownership and oversight
  • Advocacy for recommended policies and zoning Summary of Activities:
  • Activating resident leadership
  • Creating GES Community Land Trust
  • Forming the GES Affordable Housing Collaborative
  • Assessing housing needs
  • Developing housing programs
  • Raising funds for investment in affordable housing


The GES Affordable Housing Collaborative — a partnering of community members in the GES Coalition, nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment Inc. (BRI) and the Colorado Community Land Trust (CCLT)— has received a $2 million grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation for mitigation of impacts from expansion of Interstate 70 through the neighborhoods.

  • The generous $2 million CDOT grant awarded Brothers enables the collaborative to acquire single-family homes for placement in the neighborhood land trust, by which residents may own their dwellings and even resell them, while the land itself remains in trust for the community.
  • The partners will set aside more than $300,000 to rehabilitate houses and preserve the hard-earned equity of existing homeowners.
  • Other portions of the grant will be applied toward new construction/redevelopment of parcels/properties that also will provide affordable housing for dozens of families in the neighborhood.
  • The collaborative will work with federal, state and local leaders, as well as foundations, to leverage the substantial investment made by CDOT.

2250 Eaton St., Suite B,
Denver, CO 80214

Main Phone Number: 303-202-6340
CHC Phone Number: 844-926-6632
Brothers Property Management:
TTY 711

Copyright Brothers Redevelopment Inc. 2013-2018. All rights reserved.