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Rent/Mortgage Assistance Programs

Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

Colorado’s Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program uses federal Homeowner Assistance Funds to help homeowners affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, get caught up on past-due housing/mobile home payments, property taxes, lot rent, insurance and housing utilities.

To learn more about the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program and to apply, visit

Denver Temporary Rental & Utility Assistance Program (TRUA): 

If you are a resident of Denver County who is seeking rental assistance through the city of Denver’s Temporary Rental and Utility Assistance program, or TRUA, please call 1-844-926-6632 to speak to a housing navigator to determine your eligibility and start the process.

To access the TRUA rental application, click here. For the Spanish application, click here.

To access the TRUA utilities application, click here. To access the TRUA Spanish utilities application, click here.

All completed applications should be sent to 

Denver Foreclosure Financial Assistance Program 

    1. Eligible homeowners include those at 80% AMI or below for their household size.
    2. Qualified homeowners must demonstrate themselves as the legal owner of the home, that their home serves as their primary residence, and their residence has been verified as being located within the City and County of Denver.
    3. Homeowners must also demonstrate a current financial or other housing crisis to be eligible for financial assistance including but not limited to job loss, reduction in income, reduction in hours worked, an unexpected increase in living expenses, medical expenses, or other issues that have impacted the household’s income.
    4. Qualified homeowners must not have cash or assets on hand that is equal to or greater than the relief funds being requested (excluding any funds in a retirement account).
    5. Proposed Application Prioritization:
      1. Homeowners currently facing a pending foreclosure sale (I.e. an auction date has been set) and mortgage reinstatement is possible.
      2. Homeowners currently delinquent on mortgage payments and/or HOA fees/fines.
      3. Homeowners in income-restricted properties. If applicants in income-restricted properties also fall within the categories above, their application will be prioritized as such.

To access the Denver Foreclosure Financial Assistance Program application, click here. To download the Spanish application, click here.

Email applications to 

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