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Brothers Redevelopment Revitalizes Home for Longtime Denver Residents

November 30, 2023 by Joseph Rios0

Joseph and Mary Lucero have lived in their cherished Southwest Denver home for nearly 60 years.

The couple has been married for an impressive 65 years and met by the luck of the draw. Joseph grew up in Northern Colorado while Mary grew up in the southern region of the state before their paths eventually crossed.

As they’ve navigated the journey of life together, the Luceros nurtured and raised three children, forming the cornerstone of a family foundation. However, the passage of time has presented its inevitable challenges, mirroring the experiences of many older adults we hear from in our community.

At 87 years old, Joseph finds himself grappling with diminishing vision, while Mary relies on a cane for mobility. In tandem with their own aging process, their cherished home has weathered the years. Their home’s exterior paint was showing signs of wear and tear, and the couple needed home modifications to ensure that they could safely exit and enter their house.

Thankfully with the help of their daughter, the Luceros learned of Brothers Redevelopment’s services from a neighbor whose house was painted through our Paint-A-Thon Program. So, over the summer, a team of volunteers from Shamrock Painting came to the Lucero home armed with paintbrushes and paint, ready to give the house a fresh, new look. Shortly after, Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program installed a brand-new ramp for the couple to easily enter their home.

“Our quality of life changed,” said Joseph. “We have an easier walk into the house, and we don’t have to worry about the house looking like it was going to come down. The volunteers did such a wonderful job, and we’ve been receiving compliments from every direction.”

The Lucero’s story speaks to the transformative power of community support and organizations like Brothers Redevelopment. Our commitment to ensuring older adults can age comfortably in their own homes is not just a mission statement but a tangible reality, seen in the smile of Joseph and Mary as they enjoy the renewed vibrancy of their home.

“We love the work Brothers Redevelopment did, and we can’t thank them enough for it,” said Mary.



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