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Colorado’s largest and oldest home modification and repair program fell short of winning Housing Colorado’s Eagle Award — which celebrates accomplishments and leadership in housing and support services. But no award or trophy can justify the thousands of lives Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program has touched for more than 50 years.

Since the program’s inception in 1971, Brothers has completed more than 3,900 projects for aging and disabled homeowners across the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Gilpin County, Boulder County, rural parts of the state, and other areas of Colorado. Through the Home Modification and Repair Program, Brothers provides home repairs and mobility/accessibility modifications that promote safety and help vulnerable Coloradans age in place and comfortably in their own homes.

Thanks to Brothers’ long history of providing high quality housing related services, local governments, counties, and other sources of funding have invested nearly $2 million into the Home Modification and Repair Program. Because of that, each service provided through the program is offered for free or at a significantly reduced rate to qualifying Coloradans.

The Home Modification and Repair Program has contracts with more than 12 Colorado cities and counties that total an annual budget revenue of $1,778,336.

Funding/LocationCommunity Development Block GrantsHousing Authority General FundDenver Regional Council of GovernmentsPrivate GrantCAPABLEMedicaid Total
El PasoXX2
Clear CreekX1
Commerce CityXXX3
Colorado SpringsXX2

Repairs provided by the program can include services like electrical work, roof repairs, plumbing work, furnace repairs, water heater replacements, and more. Mobility/accessibility modifications involve installing wheelchair ramps, expanding bathrooms, roll in shower conversions, installing grab bars, and other forms of modifications that help aging adults safely move through their homes and enjoy increased mobility.

Around 25% to 33% of older adults fall annually, and half of those falls occur in their homes — according to the Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis. However, research from the university suggests that in-home falls can be reduced by nearly 40% with a community-based program — like the Home Modification and Repair Program.

In 2021, the Home Modification and Repair Program completed 303 projects and saved older and disabled adults more than $1.3 million collectively.


For the past six years, Dan Burleson has played an important role in ensuring that Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program ran smoothly in Colorado Springs.

Burleson spent around 16 years as the manager for Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Colorado Springs — a company that specializes in services like plumbing repairs, sewer line repair and replacements, water heater installation, repair, and replacements, and more. During his career, Burleson oversaw numerous Home Modification and Repair Program projects in Colorado Springs. Brothers utilizes contractors like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Colorado Springs to complete projects for the program.

Various program clients have noted that Burleson and Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Colorado Springs provided exceptional customer service throughout the years.

“To live those moments when you’re helping someone, to have someone give you a hug and just the gratification of helping someone — it was pretty cool,” said Burleson. “I enjoyed every second of it. It’s a good feeling.”

Burleson formally retired from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Colorado Springs at the beginning of March. Brothers staff recently joined Burleson and the rest of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Colorado Springs to celebrate his retirement. At the celebration, Brothers presented Burleson with the first Home Rehabilitation Hero Award in recognition and appreciation for his years of advocacy and service in creating more safe, accessible and sustainable communities as a trusted resource for home repair and rehabilitation.

“(The award) blew me away. I did not anticipate that whatsoever,” said Burleson. “It was quite the surprise.”

Home Modification and Repair Program Director Jason McCullough said Burleson has been a kind, effective and constant advocate for residents in Colorado Springs and El Paso County throughout his tenure.

“His ability to identify those in need and work with various support organizations like Brothers Redevelopment to initiate and execute assistance is as uncommon as it is welcome. He has been a true partner for us in addressing and successfully providing impactful residential rehabilitation services over his tenure,” said McCullough. “The award we presented to him recognizes his dedication and advocacy in the communities he served.  He will be missed.”


Brothers Redevelopment and the City of Aurora are encouraging Aurora residents to apply for the City’s Minor Home Repair Program.

In partnership with the City of Aurora, Brothers provides much needed home repairs, accessibility modifications, deferred maintenance renovation, and general home rehabilitation services for income qualified Aurora homeowners through the program.

The Minor Home Repair Program allows Aurora homeowners to receive up to $15,000 for impactful home rehabilitation services.

Among the services the program offers includes the following:

  • Roll-in shower conversion
  • Wheelchair ramp construction
  • Exterior rail repair, and installation
  • Exterior plumbing and minor electrical repairs
  • Repair or installation of furnaces
  • Repair or installation of hot water heaters
  • Plumbing repairs for items like sinks, faucets, valves, drains, and toilets

In January, Aurora City Council approved $160,000 in community development block grant funds for Brothers to administer the Minor Home Repair Program to Aurora residents. The nonprofit coordinates a wide variety of repairs and modifications through its Home Modification and Repair Program — a service that helps low-income homeowners with disabilities or physical limitations avoid injury and enjoy increased mobility in their homes.

“This program allows us to take stress and anxiety away from Aurora homeowners in crisis and enhance their homes. Our goal is for our clients to stay in their homes for as long as they can,” said Brothers Home Modification and Repair Program Director Jason McCullough. “Every Aurora resident deserves a secure place to live, and we look forward to making Aurora homes more livable, safe and comfortable.”

To qualify, applicant’s total annual gross household income cannot exceed 80% of the Area Median Income as defined by HUD’s low/moderate income guidelines. For example, a household size of two people in Aurora qualifies for the program if the household’s maximum gross income is $63,950. Residents can determine their financial eligibility by visiting

Qualifying applicants must also:

  • Own the property
  • Occupy the property as their primary residence
  • Home must be within the Aurora city limits
  • Be current on all debt secured against the property
  • Have no liens or judgements
  • Have a current homeowners insurance policy
  • Have a current mortgage payment history for the past 12 months
  • Have a property that is in need of essential home repairs

Last year, Brothers served seven households in Aurora through the Minor Home Repair Program. In total, Brothers completed 303 projects worth $1.6 million throughout the Denver metro area and Colorado Springs last year through the Home Modification and Repair Program.

Brothers is no stranger to the City of Aurora, as the organization works with the City to address other housing challenges. In 2019, Brothers saw unprecedented investment and cooperation from the city to open the Paris Family Apartments — a 39-unit affordable housing community for families located at 1702 Paris St.  The agency also manages other affordable housing communities in the state’s third largest city, offering a total of 129 apartments to income qualified Aurorans.

Brothers is also encouraging eligible Aurora homeowners to apply for its Paint-A-Thon Program — a resource that utilities volunteers to paint the exterior of homes for low-income aging adults and disabled residents.

Aurora residents interested in the Minor Home Repair Program can learn more information and apply for it by emailing or by calling 303-685-4225. Those interested in applying for the Paint-A-Thon Program can do so by emailing or by calling 720-339-5864.


As Colorado’s weather turned bone-chilling cold, Dean Reedy’s life at his Colorado Springs trailer took a turn for the worse.

In February, Reedy noticed his water pressure was low and found one of his pipes under his home cracked. Because he’s on a fixed income, he could not afford to get his pipes fixed — and he was left without running water for nearly a week.

To make matters worse, Reedy suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and describes himself as a compulsive handwasher. But without running water, he was forced to wash his hands and shower with bottled water that he purchased using food stamps.

“I basically took birdbaths,” said Reedy. “It was rough, it was tough. But I got by.”

Seeking help, Reedy dialed 211 — a hotline that connects residents to resources — and learned of Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program. And after getting in touch with Brothers Redevelopment staff, he received the repairs his home desperately needed and more.

The Home Modification and Repair Program fixed Reedy’s plumbing, installed new shower and kitchen faucets and replaced his water heater — all at no charge to him.

“I was in tears with happiness and gratefulness. I can’t express words of how grateful I am for everyone who helped me out,” Reedy said.

In 2021, the Home Modification and Repair Program completed 157 projects in Colorado Springs. Brothers Redevelopment’s Paint-A-Thon Program is also active in the city, as the service painted 12 houses for low-income and disabled senior homeowners in Colorado Springs last year.



In 2021 — a year in which Brothers Redevelopment turned 50 years old — we went above and beyond to compassionately address Colorado’s housing needs.

Brothers Redevelopment saw its programs impact hundreds of low-income and disabled seniors, provided millions of dollars in rental/mortgage assistance, answered Colorado’s most pressing housing questions and connected Coloradans to local housing resources — all while building and developing affordable housing for at risk residents.

Take a trip down memory lane and relive some of our best stories from 2021.

Paint-A-Thon transforms 90-plus houses 

Brothers Redevelopment’s signature Paint-A-Thon Program roared back in 2021 by completing 95 projects across the metro area and in Colorado Springs.

The Paint-A-Thon saves elderly and disabled residents up to $5,000 per household — money that can be used for important costs like medication and bills.

It’s always amazing to see how Paint-A-Thon volunteers transform houses that are in need of a makeover. It’s even more amazing to see a client’s reaction when they see their updated house for the first time.

Over the summer, 93-year-old Barbara Rodriguez’s reaction to seeing her freshly painted house was caught on camera. Read her story and check out the video here.

Home Modification and Repair Program proves to be handy 

It’s no secret that cost of housing can leave residents with the possibility of having to leave their home. But often times, we hear from some disabled clients that they’re faced with having to move if they can’t conduct crucial home repairs and modifications. That’s where our Home Modification and Repair Program comes in.

Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program served more than 460 households in the metro area and in Colorado Springs this year. The program also received support from local governments like the City of Westminster who provided additional funding for it back in July.

In 2021, the program impacted people like Commerce City resident Arthur Saiz — a United States Army Veteran who received services from Brothers Redevelopment. Read about it here.

Brothers Redevelopment helps hundreds of households with rent 

This year, Brothers Redevelopment administered funds for a variety of rental and mortgage assistance services — including the state’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Through the program, Brothers Redevelopment assisted 281 households across the state with finances for rent. This year, the City of Denver also continued to trust in us by electing to award Brothers Redevelopment an additional $3 million to distribute through the city’s Temporary Rental and Utility Assistance Program.

Check out what one of our clients had to say about the impact rental assistance had on her.

Coloradans turn to Colorado Housing Connects as federal eviction moratorium ends 

In August, the Supreme Court rejected the Biden administration’s moratorium on evictions, leaving thousands of Coloradans vulnerable to the possibility of losing their home. Thankfully, residents in all parts of Colorado could turn to Colorado Housing Connects (1-844-926-6632) for help.

Shortly after the end of the federal eviction moratorium, Colorado Housing Connects saw a 55% increase in inquiries. Residents like Jessica Hopf avoided eviction, thanks to the work of the housing helpline’s housing navigators. Without Colorado Housing Connects, Hopf said she would’ve lost her home.

NextFifty Initiative entrusts in Brothers Redevelopment to serve Spanish speaking seniors 

At the beginning of the year, Brothers Redevelopment added bilingual staff to our Aging in Place senior services program, ensuring that more Spanish-speaking seniors across the state could get access to crucial resources like Social Security, food assistance, health care, transportation and other federal and state benefits.

The program proved to be successful by serving 269 Spanish speaking seniors in 2021, resulting in $450,563.51 in cost savings for our clients. NextFifty Initiative awarded the program a grant toward the end of this year, lending to Brothers Redevelopment’s ability to help Spanish-speaking seniors get connected to resources that can help them avoid challenges that arise with aging. Read more here.

Housing, housing…. and more housing 

Brothers Redevelopment continued to fulfill its mission of developing and preserving sustainable affordable housing in 2021.

In May, Brothers Redevelopment, on behalf of the Globeville Elyria-Swansea Affordable Housing Collaborative, worked with local developer Adam Berger to set a modular duplex at 4401 Milwaukee St. The homes were designed for Globeville and Elyria-Swansea families who are facing displacement and placed into the GES Tierra Colectiva — a community owned land trust that will preserve affordability for generations to come. Brothers Redevelopment also recently broke ground on a five-unit affordable housing community at 4401 Josephine St. Those homes will also be sold to Globeville and Elyria-Swansea families who are facing displacement and will be placed into the land trust.

Finally, Brothers Redevelopment and community members gathered in the fall to celebrate the groundbreaking of Valor on the Fax — a new affordable living community that will assist individuals who face housing insecurity due to an acquired brain injury or related disability.

For Valor on the Fax, Brothers Redevelopment is teaming up with the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado who will offer support, counseling and resources to tenants at the community. Our staff will also be on site to provide our housing services to the community’s residents. Valor on the Fax will be located at 7900 E. Colfax and is expected to be completed sometime in 2022. Read this news article about Valor on the Fax.






Over our 50-year history, we’ve seen first-hand how lives can be changed when vulnerable Coloradans have a helping hand.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, housing challenges were an issue that plagued many residents. The region’s housing issues have become even more evident this past year and a half.

We’re doing our part to help people keep their housing by providing local and statewide rental/mortgage assistance, helping disabled and low-income residents with services like our Paint-A-Thon and Home Modification and Repair Programs, answering all housing questions through our statewide housing helpline Colorado Housing Connects (1-844-926-6632), providing and developing affordable housing, and much more.

Our work doesn’t stop there though. Our Aging in Place senior services program makes a difference on thousands of older adults each year by connecting them to resources that help them age comfortably. And our housing counselors are helping Coloradans take their first steps toward purchasing their first homes through our first-time homebuyer classes.

Colorado Gives Day is coming up on Tuesday, Dec. 7. The date is important for many nonprofits like ours because it provides the opportunity for us to raise funds to continue to support Coloradans through our many different programs. We hope we can count on your donation this Dec. 7. Donations can be scheduled here.

Each year, Brothers Redevelopment makes a difference on thousands of people across the state. Don’t just take it from us though. Here are some things some of our clients had to say about the impact we had on them.

Brothers Redevelopment client testimonies 

“The last time my house was painted was in the middle of the 1980’s. The change is really phenomenal. The volunteers pulled weeds and cleaned up my whole yard. They were really incredible. It was wonderful, thank you so much Brothers.” – Sherry Collins, Paint-A-Thon client.

“It was a time in my life when I sincerely needed help. Brothers was there. I’m thankful that there is an opportunity for people like me to feel secure in that you can keep on living in your own space.” Patricia Whitedove, Home Modification and Repair client.

“I know there’s a lot of people having a hard time with (paying for housing) right now, and if they can get to an agency like Brothers, that would be the greatest thing. They’ve been really great working with me.” – Allan Bullington, Colorado Housing Connects client.

“Brothers has always been a positive source. In my situation, I’ve struggled. They’re always telling me I’ll come out of this. They’ve helped me build my own faith in myself to just know that I’m a tough cookie, and I can get through this.” – Marlene Beeler, Aging in Place client.

“You don’t notice things when you’ve lived with them for so long. In two days, Brothers Redevelopment transformed our house with the bright yellow paint with bad trim to a nice-looking house that made an impression on us. It’s something we couldn’t have afforded to do. This is an important step to getting our house back in order. The people that came out here were really friendly, did a nice job and worked well as a team. It was certainly a blessing.” – Allan Elliot, Paint-A-Thon client.

“Without the (Home Modification and Repair Program), I would have had to move. And it would have been a very traumatic move for me.” – Beverly Kinard, Home Modification and Repair Program client.

“Colorado Housing Connects is really on top of things, and they can get you the resources you need. I hope this gets out to somebody who needs help. There are so many people that are really suffering right now, and if they use Colorado Housing Connects — their staff is just so caring and giving.” – Jessica Hopf, Colorado Housing Connects client.

“I called Brothers, and it just worked out perfectly. Brothers took all of my fear away. I had felt that I was caught between a rock and a hard place before calling Brothers. They were able to give me the resources, make me aware of them and assist me in securing what resources are available.” – Linn Argabrite, Aging in Place client.





Brothers Redevelopment is pleased to announce that our Aging in Place senior services program for Spanish speakers has received another year of funding from NextFifty Initiative — a Colorado-based foundation that supports efforts to improve the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

The grant lends to Brothers’ ability to help Spanish-speaking seniors by connecting them to resources that can help them avoid challenges that arise with aging. The Aging in Place Initiative connects older adults to a variety of resources, include Medicaid, Social Security, food assistance, rental/mortgage assistance and more.

Spanish-speaking seniors interested in the free program can access it by calling Brothers’ housing helpline, Colorado Housing Connects (1-844-926-6632). The Aging in Place Initiative welcomes undocumented residents to participate in the program.

“Our bilingual navigators are doing a great job helping our Spanish-speaking neighbors. To date, we have served 269 area residents which has resulted in $450,563.51 in cost savings to our clients,” said Brothers Resident Services Manager Gary Olson. “Often times, our clients are unaware of the many different benefits that are available to them. The Aging in Place Program works tirelessly to provide services free of charge to seniors that need us.”

Brothers Aging in Place Initiative, which provides a variety of services to older adults throughout the state to help them age comfortably and safely in their homes, incorporated bilingual navigators to more intentionally serve seniors in the Denver metro area and in other areas of the state like Eagle, Garfield, and Summit counties.

The program can help seniors access information on all housing-related financial topics and assists with identity-theft protection, living wills, powers of attorney, financial planning, and budgeting. Program participants can also access other services offered by Brothers including our Home Modification and Repair Program, which assists disabled and elderly residents with maintaining their homes through free home accessibility repair services, exterior home-repair services and interior repairs; and our annual Paint-A-Thon Program — a free service offered to elderly and disabled residents in which volunteers paint the outside of homes throughout the metro area.

Services like the Aging in Place Initiative that help residents age comfortably are vital. Currently, one in seven Coloradans (13.8%) is age 65 or older, according to data from the United States Census Bureau. By 2050, one in five Coloradans will be age 65 or older.

For more information about the Aging in Place Initiative, visit

“Our goal is to transform the way our society views and experiences aging, and that influences the types of programs and projects we fund,” said Diana McFail, president and CEO of NextFifty Initiative. “’Brothers Redevelopment’s work with older adults aligns with our efforts to improve and sustain quality of life for people in their second 50 years. We offer our support and congratulations.”


Prior to moving to Colorado from California, Josephine was asked to be a foster parent to a pair of sisters before she took legal guardianship over them as a single parent.

The sisters currently live with Josephine along with her granddaughter at her Thornton home. She says her resources are very limited and because of that, repairing her home’s damaged roof was financially impossible.

“I bought the house as is, and it was cheaper to buy than rent. So, I kind of got stuck with a house that needs a lot of work that wasn’t disclosed on the sale,” said Josephine. “I am now in a bind for repairs.”

Fortunately for Josephine, she learned of the Thornton Help for Homes Program — a longstanding service that allows Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program, in partnership with the City of Thornton, to provide home safety, deferred maintenance and accessibility for residents in need. And through the program, Josephine’s damaged roof received much needed, free repairs toward the end of October.

The previous roof had been altered during a past remodel or attempted remodel and was not code compliant in structural integrity. It was starting to cave in from inside and was damaged on the exterior from age and weather. The roof was also missing many tiles and the gutters were detached or missing.

Josephine said her roof repairs made a huge difference — and without Brothers and the City of Thornton, she wouldn’t have had any other way of making the repairs.

“My stress was literally through the roof. My health was declining, I was losing my hair, and it was worrisome with the fires that were happening and the Fourth of July,” said Josephine. “Since it’s been repaired, it’s taken a huge amount of stress off my shoulders.”

Outside of the roof repair, Brothers staff installed adhesive weather stripping on all exterior door surrounds and caulked all window surrounds to improve the overall heat seal for the home.

Eligible Thornton residents interested in the program can apply for it here. To contact the Home Modification and Repair Program, dial 303-685-4225 or email

“I can’t explain how easy this process was and how grateful I am on behalf of my children and myself. It’s a God send,” said Josephine. “(Brothers) found resources and got this approved. I’m eternally grateful.”



Arthur Saiz’s decorated career in the United States Army included time providing communications support and training during the Korean War, Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm until he retired in 1993 after 36 years of service.

Saiz was stationed at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City, Utah and at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in his hometown of Commerce City where he trained around 2,000 soldiers on infantry equipment and communications. Today, the award-winning Veteran enjoys paying homage to his Native American roots by creating and selling jewelry and art. But even though the 83-year-old lives independently, he admits he needs help.

“When I was young, I never depended on anybody. I did plumbing, electrical work, built my shed,” said Saiz. “I like to do a lot of stuff, but I get tired — even when I clean and do work around the house.”

Saiz survives off his military pension and has wanted to expand and update his bathroom for years but couldn’t afford to do so until he learned of Brothers Redevelopment and its Home Modification and Repair Program (HMR).

This past summer, Brothers saved Saiz nearly $8,000 by performing bathroom modifications in his house that will help him continue to live independently and stay in his home. Saiz received plumbing services, grab bars in his shower, an entire new bathroom floor, new wall tile, an ADA toilet, a new vanity countertop and sink combo and much more through HMR. Brothers’ Paint-A-Thon Program also painted Saiz’s house and provided yard work services through volunteers from ANB Bank.

The HMR Program has operated in Commerce City since 2019 and has provided 71 households with home modifications and repairs that are aimed at keeping people in their homes. Commerce City’s Quality Community Foundation, which provides grants to fund various nonprofits that benefit Commerce City residents, is also a sponsor for the 2021 Paint-A-Thon season.

“I’ve lived in this home for 24 years, and I didn’t want to leave and deal with a landlord,” said Saiz. “I felt real happy when Brothers did all this work for me.”





Westminster City Council has approved a 2021 annual action plan for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds that will support Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program (HMR) in the city.

The plan — which will provide the city’s Emergency and Essential Home Repair Program with an additional $40,000 in funds — was approved at a July 26 Westminster City Council meeting. HMR administers funds on behalf of Westminster’s Emergency and Essential Home Repair Program. The funding will allow Brothers Redevelopment to continue to provide low-income senior homeowners with free crucial home repairs and modifications.

HMR Manager Jason McCullough addressed Westminster City Council during a public comment period ahead of the plan’s approval.

“We have a saying with Brothers Redevelopment. ‘We help those that no one else can help.’ With these funds, with the city, you are allowing us to do this work and continue to help people age in place in Westminster,” McCullough said to Westminster City Council.

The HMR Program has operated in Westminster since February 2020. Last year, the program provided nine Westminster residents with home repairs and modifications like wheelchair ramps, bathroom expansions, grab bars and more.

Brothers Redevelopment owns an affordable community in Westminster and has painted the exterior of two homes in the city for low-income and disabled residents this year through its Paint-A-Thon Program.

Qualifying Westminster residents can apply for the HMR Program by dialing 303-202-6340 or 1-844-926-6632.

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