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Word of Thanks donors help Brothers to repair and modify 13 homes for low-income homeowners

May 4, 2023 by Joseph Rios0

Prior to suffering from severe arthritis in her knees, Gloria Loggins lived an active life in the Colorado Springs area.

She fondly recalls her time working as a dental therapist in Fort Carson for 21 years and being active in the Colorado Springs community. But once severe arthritis began to affect her health, Loggins said her life became limited.

The 86-year-old widow has a difficult time walking and uses a walker and cane. She said it was hard for her to go up and down stairs in her Colorado Springs home and had to hang on to her front door to go in and out of her house. Loggins was also fearful to bathe because her bathroom shower didn’t have a tub.

While she lives alone, Loggins’ children help care for her, but often worried about her falling down stairs or slipping while bathing. Loggins suffers from severe edema in her legs —  a condition in which swelling occurs because of too much fluid trapped in the body’s tissues. To alleviate the pain, her children would fill up a commercial utility bucket so that Loggins could soak her feet, but they often struggled with the task.

Thankfully in 2022, Loggins reached out to Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program seeking help and was quickly granted life changing services.

The program installed a ramp in her garage for easy access and also installed new railings on her front steps for her to safely enter and exit her home. On the inside of the house, Brothers installed a chairlift to the upper level of the home, modified her bathroom and installed a sliding bath chair so that Loggins could soak her legs in the tub every day to help combat pain from her medical condition.

“God knew in advance that I was going to need this help. And everything that Brothers gave me, I can’t thank them enough,” said Loggins. “They were professional and kind. They cleaned up after themselves. And they treated me with respect. I just can’t say enough about Brothers Redevelopment.”

The modifications Brothers orchestrated for Loggins were made possible thanks to donations from 9News reporter Kyle Clark’s “Word of Thanks” micro giving campaign. Our Home Modification and Repair Program was featured on the campaign last year, helping us to repair and modify 13 homes for low-income homeowners who are over the age of 60 and/or experience a disability.

In total, we received $42,500 in donations from over 1,200 Word of Thanks donors and a $10,000 match from our partners at Wells Fargo. The donations ensured that our clients could remain in their homes safely for the long term.

“We want to thank all of the viewers and every person that sent in a donation. And we thank Kyle Clark, and we thank 9News for featuring the program so that the people would find out that there is something positive happening for the elderly,” said Nancie Johnson, Loggins’ daughter. “We just want to thank everybody that produced the story, and wrote the story. People have hard times. But every single dollar has counted in my mom’s life. We can’t thank everyone enough.”

Since receiving the upgrades at her home, Loggins no longer feels fear when she’s entering/exiting her house, going up her stairs and bathing. Johnson said she’s noticed a significant difference in Loggins’ appearance, legs and overall mental well-being.

“All of these services have brought tears to my eyes. You don’t know what things could’ve been,” said Johnson. “I don’t think (Loggins) could’ve have came home. How would we get her up the steps? How would we clean her? Five stars does not work. 10 stars works. But five does not. They went above and beyond. Brothers cared about her functioning in her home, and now she is safe.”



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