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Left without running water for days, Colorado Springs man turns to Brothers for help

March 2, 2022 by Joseph Rios0

As Colorado’s weather turned bone-chilling cold, Dean Reedy’s life at his Colorado Springs trailer took a turn for the worse.

In February, Reedy noticed his water pressure was low and found one of his pipes under his home cracked. Because he’s on a fixed income, he could not afford to get his pipes fixed — and he was left without running water for nearly a week.

To make matters worse, Reedy suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and describes himself as a compulsive handwasher. But without running water, he was forced to wash his hands and shower with bottled water that he purchased using food stamps.

“I basically took birdbaths,” said Reedy. “It was rough, it was tough. But I got by.”

Seeking help, Reedy dialed 211 — a hotline that connects residents to resources — and learned of Brothers Redevelopment’s Home Modification and Repair Program. And after getting in touch with Brothers Redevelopment staff, he received the repairs his home desperately needed and more.

The Home Modification and Repair Program fixed Reedy’s plumbing, installed new shower and kitchen faucets and replaced his water heater — all at no charge to him.

“I was in tears with happiness and gratefulness. I can’t express words of how grateful I am for everyone who helped me out,” Reedy said.

In 2021, the Home Modification and Repair Program completed 157 projects in Colorado Springs. Brothers Redevelopment’s Paint-A-Thon Program is also active in the city, as the service painted 12 houses for low-income and disabled senior homeowners in Colorado Springs last year.

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